Oven Repair

Oven Repair

Need urgent repair service for your kitchen oven? OS Appliance Repair LLC has the team of expert technicians waiting for your call. When your oven breaks, you need it fixed urgently and we do exactly that. We have expertise in repairing ovens, cook-tops and range hoods in the United States. A kitchen oven is really important to the family on track.

Gas and electric ovens are mainly of 2 types – gas and electric. There will be hardly any home without an oven. They have their regular use and as with all often used appliances, they can malfunction. Here is where our role comes to play. Ovens are used for baking, broiling, and roasting on daily basis. It is a very unpleasant when an oven in the house is dysfunctional. With the advancement of technology, ovens today are chipped with a lot of technology. These ovens are computer completed units which have a touch-screen and other control boards. The equipment also has presets and manual adjusting user interfaces that give you the option to set the temperature at an exact number.

What are the common issues facing kitchen ovens?

There are many ways to understand that the oven is a malfunction. Here are some of the indications to guess the oven malfunction –

  • Food is not completely cooked
  • Food is having a burning sensation
  • Oven is not turning on or off
  • Oven is beeping or not allowing operation
  • Flashing error codes
  • Oven not lighting
  • Overheating of the oven
  • Stuck door latch
  • Corrosion issues
  • Funny smell is coming out of the oven

We have extensive experience and knowledge as the leading appliance repair company in the United States. We have access to the latest information and training due to our direct contact with the leading global manufacturers. Our expert service will fix up the oven problem 99% time on the first meet and we arrange appointments at the earliest based on the availability. You can guarantee the best maintenance and repair service. Our clients prefer us over other repair companies because of our wide expertise and knowledge.

OS Appliance Repair LLC provides service for all major brands including Amana, KitchenAid, Whirlpool, Frigidaire, Maytag, Admiral, Hotpoint and General Electric (GE)

We provide the best repair service in these places –

  • Phoenix
  • North Phoenix
  • Scottsdale
  • Mesa

We fix up the overheating ovens and repair elements on the cooktop that do heat anymore and re-hinge. We have the knowledge and experience to promptly and efficiently return your oven and stove to full working order. Faulty ovens will create headaches and disruptions to the daily household routine.

Why choose us?

  1. Same day or next day on-location repair service
  1. Experience repair professionals and technicians
  1. Fix up for all different types of models
  1. Guaranteed workmanship
  1. Fast and reliable service
  1. Full equipped vans and engineers