Dryer Repair

Dryer Repair

Need urgent repair service for your home dryer? OS Appliance Repair LLC has the team of expert technicians waiting for your call. Our speedy and precise service will repair your dryer machine in no time. No fuss, we will get the job done at the best price.

Dryers are part of our everyday life and it is used in our homes for daily purposes. A broken dryer is a real headache and can bring major inconvenience at any home location. A dryer can be a major fire hazard and that is the reason you will find numerous safety devices throughout all dryer units. The drier will stop producing heat if there is any thermal cut off and fuse failure. The dryer also stops functioning if the safety devices fail. The modern-day dryers have moisture sensors to prevent over-drying. The sensor will reduce the time clock for the dryer operation.

List of common Dryer Troubles –

  • No heating or low heating
  • Making loud noise
  • Taking longer time for the operation
  • Clothes are burning
  • There is some burning smell from the unit
  • Lint not escaping
  • Dryer not spinning

OS Appliance Repair LLC will provide instant solutions to repair the dryer. You will be not able to wash clothes if the washer breaks down and it will affect the washing process as a whole. The expertise and knowledge of our expert service professionals make us one of the leading domestic appliance repair companies in the United States. We have trusted and approved repair agents for many of the major manufacturers. We are ahead of the game in appliance service due to our direct relationship with the manufacturing companies. We offer the services at the best direct price.

Maintenance is the Key to a Functioning Clothes Dryer

Dryers will save precious money and time, but it needs to be in proper working order. Whatever might be the issue with your dryer, at OS Appliance Repair LLC, we will make the dryer work again perfectly at a low cost with a full guarantee. We have an experienced team of technicians to service your appliances whether they are squeaking, not heating, or just plain not working.

Do you regularly clean your lint filter? Does your appliance have a ventilation kit installed? Have you removed and cleaned this vent lately? We can make your job easier and a well-maintained dryer will work non-stop for a longer duration. Some maintenance tasks can prevent the need for clothes dryer repair. We are experienced in fixing dryers of all major manufacturing companies. We always help our clients with the most efficient and cost-effective repair service.

OS Appliance Repair LLC provides service for all major brands including Amana, KitchenAid, Whirlpool, Frigidaire, Maytag, Admiral, Hotpoint and General Electric (GE)

We provide the best repair service in these places –

  • Phoenix
  • North Phoenix
  • Scottsdale
  • Mesa

Our comprehensive repair, maintenance, and installation services to our domestic clients will provide an ideal outcome, at your location.